St Tropez a precursor to a bike trip

I am in St Tropez, hurrah.  Always until now visited by boat.  Never driven here before but we have come in from Nice airport.  We are in the most lovely 3 bed en suite house with a garden in the centre of St Tropez with parking. I have died and gone to heaven. (François Fred Sandra, we need to come you will love it), and anyone else who hasn’t been St Tropez it is a lovely village to visit. Gets a bit mad in July and August.

Today’s market in the Place des Lice  (every Tues and Sat) was fabulous we unloaded oh I don’t know a truckload of cash ……. Not really, lovely bowls, wraps, I’m sitting in a lovely 10 euro one that will be a sarong but we saw lots of people using them to lie on, on the beach. Weaved baskets, bowls, and clothes, but I really didn’t fancy stripping off in the open air to see if anything would fit. (No fitting rooms).

We bought olives, some tart, we really wanted pissaladiere, we decided to come back for it later but it was finished, “you snooze you lose” said Lucas, Pissaladiere is a lovely onion tart. Would have been good with aperitifs later, but we will manage.

Shopping turned out to be very significant and Lucas who clearly understands what men are supposed to do, continued to load himself up taking everyone’s shopping and eventually carrying it home.  Secretly I’ve always thought that’s what men were put on this earth for, ” carrying shopping.” Anyway Lucas surpassed himself on that front.

Lunch followed at the Plage des Graniers.  A lovely restaurant on the nearest walkable beach, albeit up and down a heart-stopping hill. Didn’t think to book. It seems the kids are on holiday here, very sunny and so, we had a massive one hour plus wait, we got to know the barmen well and he was charming and delivered drinks and it turned out all 12 beers were gratis, plus, the finale a cocktail of the day with two straws for Dawn and I.  He got a massive tip!

Much much later, we walked out up the hill to the Hermitage hotel, another undiscovered place, to find a pétanque square, within the hotel garden, we played, and Lucas won. He had an advantage no one else had played before. Bonus, a new DJ, playing stuff, Steely Dan and other ancient great music, plus more pink wine.  A lovely interlude before the descent into, town to the hotel Sube for drinks overlooking the boats in the marina.

At lunch Dawn had suggested I needed a summer handbag, so on the walk back to the village on the way to the Sube, Lucas steered me into the LV shop. Hurrah I have a new handbag!


We took a ride this morning to the Auberge de la Mole 30 minutes from town, for a 30-euro lunch. One of Joan Collins’ favourites and we were amazed. Packed, fortunately I had booked a few weeks ago, unlike yesterday. Who thought winging it was a good idea. This place was easy as only one thing to choose, the main course.  The rest is sorted for you. Cash only. Two menus 30 or 50 Euros. Wine list very unassuming. We had a magnum of their suggested pink. The menu started with 4 different terrines with bread, choose a main, steak, lamb chops, duck confit or magret, an omelette for the veggies, really, (with pate to start)? Then a cheese board, then 3 deserts to help yourself from, chocolate mouse, prunes in wine and crème caramel, they threw in coffees and were charming in this once petrol station. The pumps still in place at the edge of the restaurant.  Without Ms Collins help I wouldn’t have found this place.  No turning tables here.  Eating family style, very refreshing.  They also found us a taxi to get us back into the land of hedonism and general mayhem and madness that is this very unique corner of France.

A revisit to the Hermitage for more Pétanque. I lose the Steadman challenge Lucas is the clear victor.  The evening shopping is way less damaging.

Until we head out later to L’Opera, dancing boys and topless dancing girls every 30 minutes.  We arrived just as the half hour turned and there seemed to be a big queue outside so we watched from afar, until I realised there was No queue but just a bunch of 10 year olds watching the view!  So we were ushered in and given a fabulous table.

Club 55 the next day, which I kept for the finale as if we had ventured their first we may not have tried anywhere else. But the service turns out to be a bit off, They are not as cheery as the other places we have been, but I buy a new Club 55 Ice bucket for old times sake.