Cordoba Spain


Cordoba is part of the Golden Triangle, which also includes Granada where the Alhambra is found, Seville where the oranges are found and the famous Islamic palace, a fusion of Spanish Christian and Moorish architecture.  My visit squared that circle as it were as Cordoba was the only one of the three I hadn’t seen.  Arguably saving the best till last.

Pitching up in Cordoba in the heatwave gripping Europe meant temperatures of 45 degrees. Not something I had ever experienced before and I likened it to walking around in a tumble dryer. Hotter here than anywhere in India or Africa at the time! Siestas needed 3pm > 8pm and then after dinner an air conditioned bar for chilling.

But what we came to see made this all worthwhile.

Some of the 800 or so pillars

Hypostyle prayer hall (hypostyle means, filled with columns)

The Cathedral was inserted into the middle of all the columns some were removed to make way, and others painted

Pillars later painted and decorated!

An organ installed together with

Choir stalls so all could have a good old sing song!